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Methodology Research Core

The Methodology Research Core provides statistical and methodological expertise to all UIC scientists affiliated with the Institute for Health Research and Policy.

The core addresses power analysis, missing data issues, longitudinal analysis, latent growth curve modeling, structural equation modeling, ROC analysis, psychometric analysis, and software development for multilevel modeling, among other scientific challenges.

The MRC offers access to standard statistical software such as SPSS, Stata, SAS and S-PLUS/R as well as more specialized software.

Researchers usually consult the MRC as they begin to plan a study and develop a grant proposal. See "Guidelines for Including Biostatistical Support in IHRP Conducted Research Projects."

The MRC can contribute to plans for study design, sample size, statistical analysis and management of large or complex data sets, and other methodological issues.

MRC members often serve as co-investigators, focusing on methodological issues on specific research studies, and as consultants to other studies when needed. Familiar with the institute’s research activities over the past decade, the MRC also facilitates sharing of innovative methodological approaches among research teams.

With more than 80 years of combined experience, MRC members offer strengths in both sound methodological expertise and knowledge of the social sciences. Dr. Berbaum has a doctorate in psychology, and Dr. Campbell’s doctorate is in sociology. Dr. Pugach holds a doctorate in biostatistics and began her statistical career in multidisciplinary health research. Their strong backgrounds in social science research allow MRC members to communicate substantively with behavioral scientists and construct sophisticated methodological plans for grant proposals that satisfy biostatistical review requirements of federal funding agencies. Each core member also conducts his own research and actively participates within the national statistical community.