Methodology Research Core Training

The IHRP Methodology Research Core offers learning opportunities to investigators at all stages of their careers. In providing support on IHRP studies, the core employs and mentors graduate research assistants studying statistics at the master’s and doctoral levels. The MRC provides consultation to fellows in IHRP training programs and researchers working on career development grants.

The core also hosts short courses, brings in outside speakers, evaluates and disseminates new analytical software and arranges for other kinds of statistical training.

Upcoming Talks and Training Sessions:

MRC Chalk Talks
These informal educational seminars, intended for doctoral-level health and social science researchers, meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. in IHRP's fifth floor conference room (561).

For the topic of our next Chalk Talk, see our list of upcoming IHRP events.

Other Recommended Training Sources: