Jesus Ramirez-Valles, PhD

Professor and Director, Community Health Sciences

Research Interests

Health promotion, community organizing, sociology of health, race, gender, sexual orientation, and Latinos.

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

Ramirez-Valles, J. Compañeros: Latino Activists in the Face of AIDS. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2011. [Purchase this book.]

Ramirez-Valles J, Kuhns LM, Campbell RT, Diaz RM. Social integration and health: community involvement, stigmatized identities, and sexual risk in Latino sexual minorities. J Health Soc Behav. 2010 Mar;51(1):30-47. [See abstract.]

García DI, Gray-Stanley J, Ramirez-Valles J. "The priest obviously doesn't know that I'm gay": the religious and spiritual journeys of Latino gay men. J Homosex. 2008;55(3):411-436.

Kuhns LM, Vazquez R, Ramirez-Valles J. Researching special populations: retention of Latino gay and bisexual men and transgender persons in longitudinal health research. Health Educ Res. 2008;23(5):814-25. [See abstract.]

Ramirez-Valles J, Garcia D, Campbell RT, et al. HIV infection, sexual risk behavior, and substance use among Latino gay and bisexual men and transgender persons. Am J Public Health. 2008;98(6):1036-1042. [See abstract.]

Ramirez-Valles J. “I don’t fit anywhere”: How race and sexuality shape Latino gay men’s health. In: Meyer I, Northridge M, eds. The Health of Sexual Minorities: Public Health Perspectives on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations. New York: Springer; 2007:301-319.

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Ramirez-Valles J. Volunteering in public health: an analysis of volunteers’ characteristics and activities. Int J Volunt Adm. 2006;24(2):15-24.

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