Extension of Chicago Social and Character Development Trial

Also known as

Extension of SACD Trial


To continue a randomized trial of the efficacy of Positive Action, a school-based program designed to change school climate, increase parental involvement in students' lives, and improve students' self-concepts, attitudes toward school, behaviors.

Research Partner(s)

Chicago Public Schools

Affiliated Center/Program

Principal investigator
Funding Agency

Institute of Educational Sciences through Oregon State University

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About this grant

This study builds on Positive Action for Social and Character Development and is subcontracted through Oregon State University. The end date for the grant funding this work was extended with no additional money.

Parent Study
Extension of Chicago Social and Character Development Trial
PI of Parent Study
Brian Flay, PhD
Oregon State University
For more information, contact
David DuBois, PhD
Professor of Community Health Sciences
(312) 413-9806

Related publications

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Washburn IJ, Acock A, Vuchinich S, Snyder F, Li KK, Ji P, Day J, DuBois D, Flay BR. Effects of a social-emotional and character development program on the trajectory of behaviors associated with social-emotional and character development: Findings from three randomized trialsPrev Sci. 2011 Sep;12(3):314-23. [See abstract.]

Li K-K Washburn I, DuBois DL, Vuchinich S, Ji P, Brechling V, Day J, Beets MW, Acock AC, Berbaum M, Snyder F, Flay BR. Effects of the Positive Action programme on problem behaviours in elementary school students: A matched-pair randomised control trial in Chicago. Psychol Health. 2011;26(2):187-204. [Read abstract.]

Beets MW, Flay BR, Vuchinich S, Snyder FJ, Acock A, Li K-K, et al. Use of a social and character development program to prevent substance use, violent behaviors, and sexual activity among elementary-school students in Hawaii. Am J Public Health. 2009;99(8):1438-1445.